Our Story

Tiaki comes from the Maori language and means the duty of guardianship, care, protection and conservation. The Tiaki philosophy is simple – the fish is at the centre of what we do. What is best for the fish is best for everyone.

Tiaki is the name given to the innovative new fishing technologies developed by Precision Seafood Harvesting. The Tiaki harvesting and fish handling systems have potential to change the way the world fishes.

Tiaki technology is developed in New Zealand and driven by the desire to deliver better quality seafood and safeguard the future of our oceans and fish stocks.

Tiaki is a great Kiwi story; the outcome of a Primary Growth Partnership programme between the Ministry for Primary Industries, Sealord Group, Moana NZ and Sanford Ltd.

Tiaki has been a successful collaboration between government, industry and researchers and reflects strong commitment to improved performance in fish harvesting.

The Tiaki fish harvesting systems developed by Precision Seafood Harvesting have been approved and are now in use in New Zealand for deepwater and inshore fish species.


Our Partners

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