Precision Seafood Harvesting

In developing the new Tiaki fishing technology, we asked ourselves – how can we fish with care?

Precision Seafood Harvesting was the partnership of fishing companies prepared to accept the challenge and improve the performance of their fishing operations.

After a lengthy process of design, testing and validation work the result is a modular harvesting system which is a totally unique method of catching fish. This new technology fits exactly with the meaning of Tiaki and is a commitment to the guardianship of our NZ fisheries.

Inside the Tiaki system exists a low flow environment where fish swim freely for as long as necessary and small unwanted fish can escape unharmed and free from exhaustion.
The Tiaki systems have received approval for commercial use in NZ which means that they have passed strict criteria for each of; size selectivity, species composition, benthic impacts and protected species.

Tiaki – “fished with care”