Tiaki seafood is not just a new category for New Zealand seafood, but a new benchmark. Precision Seafood Harvesting technology allows fish to be landed alive and in pristine condition; delivering fresh-chilled wild caught fish to consumers.

As fish are still swimming after they are brought on-board, they are far less likely to be stressed or injured, which opens new markets and opportunities for delivering higher quality seafood to consumers.

The New Zealand fishing companies using this technology are developing a better way of handling, processing and bringing fish to market to create the Tiaki category of seafood.

Consumers and importers will understand and identify with the benefits of Tiaki seafood. Fished with care using Precision Seafood Harvesting, the technology creates fish of the best quality and protects our natural resources.

The positive impacts of the Precision Seafood Harvesting technology for both sustainability and the Tiaki quality of fish are potentially transformative, and we anticipate a boost to New Zealand’s GDP and its export earnings.