The Tiaki Method on Ocean Bounty

The second of Three’s Ocean Bounty series is available to watch now. This episode of the programme follows the crew of the Otakou as they use Precision Seafood Harvesting technology to trawl for Hoki. The crew give great insights into how the Tiaki method is helping them to provide better quality fish that require less processing for Sealord.

Watch the video here.

Precision Seafood Harvesting in Seafood New Zealand series

Seafood New Zealand have put out a mini documentary series on New Zealand’s seafood industry. Precision Seafood Harvesting features in the episode on innovation. It’s a first look at the new onboard handling systems we’re using to improve the quality of our fish and increase the survivability of fish we return to the ocean.

Watch the episode featuring our technology here. 

Precision Seafood Harvesting on Ocean Bounty

Three’s Ocean Bounty series has featured Precision Seafood Harvesting on two of their episodes. This episode of the programme follows Moana fisherman Sam Hayes and his crew on the Jay Debra as they use Precision Seafood Harvesting to produce high quality, fresh fish. This is a great watch to see how the PSH technology works and the changes it’s driving for the New Zealand seafood industry.

Watch the video here.

The Tiaki Way

New Zealand is producing a new category of premium seafood – called Tiaki – with crew now fishing the Tiaki way using revolutionary Precision Seafood Harvesting technology.

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